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Massive yields with high digestibility! The new market leading variety, combining improved digestibility with high yields.  

Early Sowing of Winter Wheat – maximizing the potential?

“Although growers in the main have moved away from the extreme early drilling scenario of early to mid-August practiced by many a decade ago, earlier drilling which is now considered to be before mid-September does have benefits – notably in taking advantage of mild autumn weather to establish crops before the weather closes in for

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Plant Breeding post Brexit

It’s business as usual,” says Sean Lovegreen, Nickerson director of sales. “Whilst Limagrain has its roots in the Auvergne plains in central France, its seeds activity is worldwide.” Limagrain is the fourth largest plant breeder and seeds marketing company in the world, and although the main part of the business is within Europe with 52%

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Robust disease resistance stands out from the crowd

This picture, which was taken by Marc Lanham – Nickerson Seed Specialist, on the 14th July, clearly shows the differences between treated and untreated varieties and how resistance ratings have been tested this season. LG Sundance stands out visually with its healthy, green leaf across both the treated and untreated sections of the trial. The

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Could Warrior 3 Rust Race be a Threat This Season?

The Warrior 3 race of yellow rust was identified across the country by Limagrain breeders at the end of the 2015 growing season when yellow rust suddenly exploded on a number of varieties and despite high resistance ratings, levels of infection very quickly reached significant levels. Cereal pathologist with Limagrain, Paul Fenwick explains the findings:

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Innovative Plant Genetics Tackle Production Costs

“We know that today’s growers are looking for varieties that are not costly to grow, or that offer this combined with the opportunity to earn a premium, and at this year’s Cereals event we are in the exciting position to be able to showcase a range of new varieties of winter wheat and oilseed rape,

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Biofumigation Mixture

Biofumigation can be described as the incorporation of fresh green cover crops into the soil which releases chemical substances known as isothiocyanates (ITC). These chemicals area able to suppress soil borne pests and diseases, fungal pathogens and weeds. Soils will also warm quicker to enhance biological activity. There are two main types of crop groups used

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Bred for nematode control, Smash White Mustard produces a 1 metre tap root, can easily be incorporated but is frost susceptible. Sown at 20-25Kg/Ha from July to September, it can also help reduce Rhizoctonia species.

Early Spring Management of Evolution Pays Dividends

 Based on its excellent high yields in the 2015 harvest, the hard feed wheat Evolution continues to be a firm favourite with growers and this is reflected by a continued high market share. However, to get the best out of the variety, it is crucial that it is managed correctly in the early spring, says

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Improved Tillering Linked to Higher Yields

“Limagrain has been monitoring the tillering capacity of spring barley lines over many years, and it is quite evident that many of the newer varieties appear to be producing higher tiller counts. For example, Concerto is known to be a lower tillering variety and as such is lower yielding than the newer higher tillering varieties

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Foundation Potatoes

With around 2,500 farmers generating in order of 6 million tonnes from an area close to 126,000 hectares, there is no doubting the importance of the potato crop to UK agriculture.  There is a very useful export market for UK grown potatoes – particularly seed potatoes – and this is likely to continue to grow

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Aquila offers good gross output potential for the E/W region of the UK. The variety has pod shatter resistance, which is a very important for ensuring good yield stability. Aquila has a very high agronomic merit rating, showing the variety to have a range of desirable agronomic traits for good on farm performance. The variety

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