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LG Element

LG Element is a new second-early variety with exceptional tolerance to downy mildew, and resistance to powdery mildew. The variety is semi leafless, with strong quality inherited from its pedigree and is capable of very high yields, particularly when being grown on good soils. In the difficult conditions of 2016, LG Element was the highest

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Breeding success for OSR and barley varieties offering valuable traits and marketing potential

Hybrid oilseed rape variety Architect offers a step-up in yields for varieties that also carry TuYV resistance, and has been added as a special variety. Spring barley LG Diablo gains recommendation as the highest yielding spring barley variety that performs particularly well in the north and east, and is under test for brewing and malt

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LG Diablo

Open the Gates to Opportunity! LG Diablo is one of the highest yielding spring barleys on the AHDB Recommended List and has outperformed other leading varieties by a significant amount, especially in the key malting barley growing areas of the East and North regions. It is medium in height, similar to RGT Planet with a

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LG Tomahawk

LG Tomahawk is the highest yielding feed variety on the AHDB Recommended List 2019/20. The variety offers higher yield potential than other leading varieties, especially in the key malting barley growing areas of the East and North regions. It is a short variety, similar to Laureate with a strong agronomic profile. LG Tomahawk has one

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Commitment to pulse breeding evident in 2018 PGRO Recommended List

We have always been enthusiastic supporters of UK pulses and UK pulse growers, and continue to do all we can to promote and support growers in offering varieties that perform on farm and meet market requirements, says George Hunter, pulses product manager with Limagrain UK. “The success of this approach can be seen in the

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Since introduction in 2012, it is no surprise that Crusoe has become one of the miller’s first choice varieties. The Group 1 variety offers growers an excellent level of security, combining good agronomics with an inherently high protein content and good sprouting resistance.  


Aspire offers growers an exceptional conventional oilseed rape with attributes of a very high gross output combined with excellent agronomic characters of short stiff straw and a solid disease resistance profile. Aspire is the only conventional variety with Turnip Yellows Virus resistance (TuYV) on the AHDB Recommended List 2020/21. Aspire has shown consistently very high

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LG Jigsaw

LG Jigsaw encompasses key attributes associated with securing final yield potential on farm and has inherited desirable traits from its parents, suggesting that it will fit the early drilling scenario. The variety has a strong disease resistance profile better than most of the control varieties with strong ratings against rusts and 6 for Septoria tritici.

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LG Skyscraper

LG Skyscraper is the highest yielding winter wheat on the AHDB Recommended List 2020/21 and offers a combination of strong agronomic merits and grain quality attributes, giving growers maximum return on their investment. LG Skyscraper has a strong disease resistance profile, showing good resistance for both Yellow Rust and Septoria tritici. The variety also offers the additional

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Northern harvest surprise

For Craig Norrie, farm manager at Banchory Farm, Kirkcaldy, of JM Cochran Ltd, one of his fields of Zulu winter wheat has yielded 16t/ha at 17.8% moisture, off what he describes as his most ‘awkward field’. “Whilst the crop has not been over a weighbridge, the local John Deere dealership has verified the yield,” he

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Going for Gold with post-harvest catch crop

“We had great success with this mixture last year,” says Chris, who runs the 170ha farm with his wife. “We grew 4ha of this rape and stubble turnip mixture and strip grazed the crop from November until April. It provided plenty of high quality feed for finishing our 100 lambs and enough for the ewes

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Best Barley Yields Ever

Drilled on the 20th September  at Sco Ruston near, Coltishall,  the crop had established well as it followed beans so had access to good autumn nitrogen, followed through the season with 200kgN/ha and a comprehensive 3 spray programme, he says. National results The two row winter barley has performed very well across the UK this

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High yielding, early to harvest wheat variety bucks the trend

LG Motown is a top-yielding soft wheat which meets the needs of the distilling market, and bucks the trend of early maturing varieties producing lower yields so, unlike other high yielding wheats, LG Motown doesn’t rely on having a longer grain fill period to build high yields. This is particularly exciting news for growers who

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Survey confirms high levels of TuYV infection in oilseed rape crops across the UK

Turnips yellows virus (TuYV) is spread by the peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae), and can impact yields by as much as 30% in highly infected situations, oil content by 3% whilst increasing levels of glucosinolates and erucic acid. The results come from an annual survey carried out by Limagrain, in collaboration with Agrii. Random leaf

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Architect was the first restored hybrid in the UK to offer TuYV resistance, combined with a gross output comparable to leading varieties of the time. Although surpassed for yield potential by the new additions to the AHDB RL, the variety still offers a very good agronomic package for securing full yield potential on farm.

Collaboration delivers success for pulses

I’Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the leading independent animal feedstuffs manufacturers that use pulses in its rations. The company has a history of working closely with pulse breeders and growers to ensure that new pea and bean varieties are suitable for processing to meet the requirements of its customers, but also offer appropriate on-farm

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New Fodder Beet Varieties Raise the Bar

  “If a fresh yield above 100 tonnes per hectare combined with a dry matter content above 20% appeal, then the new fodder beet varieties Brick and Tarine will tick the boxes,” says Limagrain’s forage crop specialist Martin Titley.   UK trial results recently published show that the relative dry matter yield of Brick was

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A new variety bred for maximum production. Brick is a new variety which has the potential to produce very high dry matter yields with a high dry matter content %. Brick is a true fodder beet and exhibits a smooth skinned finish which reduces dirt tare.

Higher yields and improved agronomics bring on-farm profitability

With an eye on how to improve farm margins, this year’s AHDB recommendations reflected the increased importance for varieties not only offering higher yields but also better disease resistance, grain quality and agronomics such as standing power.   “This approach reflects the strategy of the Limagrain breeding programme that has always aimed to produce high

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