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Tax Strategy

Limagrain Tax Strategy:   The flowing paragraph is published in accordance with the provisions contained in Schedule 19 part 1 and 2 of the UK Finance Act 2016 and sets out Limagrain approach to conducting its tax affairs and dealing with tax risks in the U.K for the year ending 30 June 2019.   Limagrain

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Cereal Product Manager – Rothwell

Who are Limagrain? Limagrain are a leading global plant breeding and seed company. The company breeds and markets a wide range of agriculture crops and seeds for the UK market under the established LG brand. Learn more about us here   The Role We are currently seeking a Cereal Product Manager to join our team, based

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Rafaela offers growers the unique genetic traits of both Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance (BYDV) and Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV). The conventional six-row winter barley also has very early spring development, a large plant canopy, tall straw and competes extremely well in the fight against black-grass. These characteristics, combined with strong disease resistance and

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Ambassador is one of the first fully loaded hybrids from LG to really show the benefits of our breeding strategy. This highest yielding candidate for the east/west comes with an outstanding package of traits including; TuYV resistance, pod shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker, to ensure growers shouldn’t lose yield in unfavourable conditions.


Aurelia is one of the first fully loaded hybrids from LG to really show the benefits of our breeding strategy. The variety offers very high yield potential combined with an outstanding package of traits including; TuYV resistance, pod shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker, to ensure growers shouldn’t lose yield in unfavourable conditions. This next

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NEW! Trooper maize is a new variety from LG, offering reliable production of high quality maize from an early harvest. It is extremely high yielding for an early harvest and has high starch and cell wall digestibility content.

Mezzo Lucerne

Mezzo Lucerne is an exceptionally high yielding Lucerne variety, brand new to the UK market. Mezzo has consistently outperformed the competition in French national trials for the last 3 years, producing record breaking levels of protein per hectare. A dormancy rating of 3.6 means that Mezzo can be considered for more northerly areas of the UK

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Marshal Lucerne

Marshal Lucerne has been successfully grown in the UK for many years. First appearing on the England and Wales Recommend Grass and Clover List (RGCL) in 2003, Marshal has continued to be a popular choice for growers due to consistent high yields and feed quality. A dormancy rating of 4.3 gives it the ideal balance

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Alasco is a clubroot resistant variety that offers very high, stable seed yields; significantly greater than Archimedes or Mentor. The variety has an excellent disease resistance profile combined with the valuable trait of pod shatter resistance. Clubroot resistant varieties are resistant to the clubroot pathogen. Once receptors in the plant detect a pathogen attack, resistance

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LG Spotlight

LG Spotlight is a very high yielding feed wheat that offers exceptional grain quality; having a specific weight similar to JB Diego and a very stable Hagberg of 290. This is a unique characteristic in a soft wheat, combined with good sprouting resistance, offers growers a very secure variety when erratic weather patterns cause delays at

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LG Detroit

LG Detroit is a high yielding, hard group 2 wheat, that has a high relative protein content like Crusoe and meets the specification for ukp bread wheat for export. The variety provides a unique combination of OWBM resistance and exceptional fusarium resistance. LG Detroit also has a good disease resistance package combined with stiff straw and

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Introduction Definitions and Interpretation Why we collect your data Our policy for processing your personal data What do we do with your personal data? Who else gets to see your personal data? Your Rights Maintenance of your personal data General application of our Privacy Policy Contact information Governing Law and Jurisdiction 1.0 Introduction This Privacy

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Latest Fodder Beet Trial Results

New varieties of fodder beet are breaking the barriers for dry matter yield, according to the latest trial results published in February 2018 by Limagrain UK. Led by fodder beet variety Brick, that was commercially launched in 2017, dry matter yields of high-performing varieties are now exceeding 20 tonnes/ha with Brick achieving a DM yield

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High yields with improved cell wall digestibility and high starch content to maximise feed performance –  all from an early harvest. Propsect – it’s simply unbeatable!

Boost spring barley yields through improved tillering

This is based on agronomy trials carried out by the breeder that have focussed on monitoring the tillering capacity of spring barley lines over many years. “It is quite evident that many of the newer varieties appear to be producing higher tiller counts,” says Limagrain’s arable technical manager, Ron Granger. “The key to upping spring

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LG Mountain

LG Mountain is one of the highest yielding 2 row feed varieties available. The variety performs consistently across all regions, combined with the good agronomic characteristics of short straw, great disease resistance and good grain quality. LG Mountain has consistently shown very high yield potential over seasons and regions in both treated and untreated trials.

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Conrad CL

Conrad CL is a high yielding hybrid with the Clearfield® herbicide resistance trait. The variety offers vigorous establishment, good winter hardiness and strong disease resistance to safeguard crop potential. Conrad CL also has pod shatter resistance and a high oil content. Excellent broad leaved weed and volunteer control from Clearfield® varieties will potentially reduce the levels

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LG Flynn

Sitting at 104% on the AHDB Recommended List, LG Flynn offers a step up in yield for 2-row winter barleys. LG Flynn offers one of the best specific weights with screenings similar to KWS Cassia. Its high yield potential, solid agronomic characteristics and very good grain quality help ensure reliable performance on farm.

LG Galileo

LG Galileo offers growers a disease resistance package as good as or better than the market leaders Terrain and Maurice. It has the potential to become the highest yielding variety in the market. LG Galileo is a late afila variety that has excellent agronomics combined with exceptional yield potential. The variety has been assessed in

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LG Element

LG Element is a new second-early variety with exceptional tolerance to downy mildew, and resistance to powdery mildew. The variety is semi leafless, with strong quality inherited from its pedigree and is capable of very high yields, particularly when being grown on good soils. In the difficult conditions of 2016, LG Element was the highest

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