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LG Anarion

LG Anarion is a clubroot resistant, fully loaded hybrid with the security of RLM7, TuYV and pod shatter resistance. It has very strong early vigour and exceptional winter hardiness which has allowed it to perform very strongly on the continent in areas where club root is endemic. LG Anarion has performed well in the UK

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A high yielding TuYV resistant conventional, with strong autumn and spring vigour and early maturity. Amarone is an open pollinated variety with very high yield potential across all regions of the UK. Amarone is another of the LG varieties to contain crucial TuYV resistance, a trait which is invaluable in areas with high aphid pressures

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New fodder beet ‘in the pink’

Added to the National List in 2020, and marketed by Limagrain UK, this pink-skinned, conical-shaped beet combines a dry matter content of between 20% and 21% with a relatively high proportion of its root (40%) out of the ground, leaving only 60% in the ground. “This unique combination makes it one of the best fodder

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New guide provides comprehensive blueprint to conservation and gamecover crops

This 36-page guide includes crops for attracting farmland birds and pollinators, as well as grass field margins and in wildflower areas.  It has a comprehensive section for gamecover crops including maize, sorghums, kale, and autumn sown catch crop options. Importantly, the guide has a clear two-page summary to the crops that fulfil each Countryside Stewardship

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Fosyma fodder beet is a new variety (National listed 2020). It has been bred to provide a high energy feed for dairy, beef and can be mechanically harvested or grazed in situ. Fosyma grows approx. 40% out of the ground, making the crop very easy to utilise.  

Limagrain’s Oilseed Rape varieties continue to dominate for the second year running on the 2021-2022 AHDB Recommended List

All of the top six yielding oilseed rape varieties on this year’s Recommended List (RL) have come from the breeders stable, reinforcing the success of its ‘trait loading’ approach in providing UK growers with varieties that are robust and deliver consistently across seasons and regions. Two exciting new varieties join these top six on the

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A quartet of new biscuits from Limagrain

Limagrain UK has a reputation for producing great biscuit wheat varieties, from Claire to more recently Zulu and Britannia. This strong breeding line continues with the introduction of four new Group 3 biscuit varieties for the 2021/22 AHDB Recommended List: LG Prince, LG Illuminate, LG Quasar and LG Astronomer. These new varieties offer an improvement

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Moving up in the 2021-2022 PGRO Descriptive List

“Yield is the most important factor for spring beans, and is a major focus in our breeding programme,” notes Will Pillinger, pulse breeder at Limagrain UK. “The success of this approach can be seen as LG Raptor moves closer to recommendation offering extremely high yield potential that could see it outyielding the market leader by

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Full brewing & malt distilling approval for Limagrain’s spring barley, LG Diablo

LG Diablo is now the highest yielding spring barley variety with full approval for both brewing and malt distilling on the 2020/21 AHDB Recommended List, says Matt Shand, UK national sales manager for Limagrain UK. “With this recent approval, LG Diablo now holds the title of being dual-use, demonstrating the robustness of its quality characteristics,

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Terms and Conditions


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3 Steps to OSR Success

Conditions Establishing oilseed rape, as with all crops, begins with drilling into the correct conditions. Drilling OSR into a dry seedbed is one of the most damaging starts the crop can get. Drilling should be into a seedbed with warmth, moisture and adequate nutrition, so that the plant can germinate and keep growing. Oilseed rape

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Aspire is a roaring success

When making decisions on what OSR variety to grow, gross output figures are key for Mr McLean but this must be backed up with strong agronomic characteristics that suit his system and region, he notes. Paul works closely with Nick Wallace of Nickerson seeds, the retail arm of breeders Limagrain UK, as he is familiar

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BTS 1915

BTS 1915 is the highest yielding variety available with consistently high seasonal yield performance. This variety provides an opportunity for growers who want to take the next step-up in yields. In doing so they are raising the bar in sugar beet production even higher, making themselves more resilient against the costs of producing a sugar

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LG Quasar

LG Quasar is a high yielding soft milling biscuit wheat, with a good all-round disease package and OWBM resistance. It has good grain attributes and meets requirements for both the distilling and uks export markets.

LG Illuminate

LG Illuminate is a high yielding biscuit wheat, showing yield consistency across differing regions and farm situations. It meets specification for distilling & uks export markets.

LG Astronomer

LG Astronomer is a high yielding soft milling wheat, with excellent grain quality and one of the best disease resistance packages on the RL. It is rated 9 for both yellow and brown rust, and has a high 7.4 score for Septoria tritici. LG Astronomer has a very high specific weight and meets specification for

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Tax Strategy

Limagrain Tax Strategy: The flowing paragraph is published in accordance with the provisions contained in Schedule 19 part 1 and 2 of the UK Finance Act 2016 and sets out Limagrain approach to conducting its tax affairs and dealing with tax risks in the U.K for the year ending 30 June 2020. The strategy detailed

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Rafaela offers growers the unique genetic traits of both Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance (BYDV) and Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV). The conventional six-row winter barley also has very early spring development, a large plant canopy, tall straw and competes extremely well in the fight against black-grass. These characteristics, combined with strong disease resistance and

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Ambassador is the highest yielding Hybrid oilseed rape variety in the UK. The variety offers an outstanding package of genetic traits including; TuYV resistance, pod shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker. This Limagrain variety sets a new benchmark for hybrid performance in the UK. Ambassador has shown high yield performance across the UK

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Aurelia is an exceptional, very high yielding hybrid variety showing consistent performance across all regions and seasons. The variety offers an outstanding package of genetic traits including; TuYV resistance and pod shatter resistance. Aurelia has shown consistent, very high yield performance in very challenging seasons, giving growers security in a variety that shows robustness for

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Aardvark is an open pollinated variety, with extremely high gross output potential for both the East/West and North regions of the UK. This combined with very good lodging and secure disease resistance, as well as high oil content, makes the variety an exciting prospect for growers. Aardvark has shown very high gross output and treated

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The open pollinated variety is an Anastasia cross, inheriting key agronomic characteristics of strong autumn and spring vigour, soild disease resistance and short, stiff straw, combined with high oil content. Acacia has shown extremely high gross output and treated yield potential in both England and Scotland, showing the variety performs well across the whole of

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An exciting new variety for AD, delivering high yields of highly digestible feedstock.